Flying Pilates Schedule


Most of our classes are held in German, but all of our teachers are English speaking, so that we are able to to help you out in any excerise or question you may have.

We also have classes, which are held in english. You can find them in our schedule, named with the addition (english).


If you didn't get a spot in an English speaking class feel free, to give one of our German speaking classes a try.

A lot of the exercises have English names anyway, and we always show the exercise first, so that you can easily follow by copying the movement.

Our classes are filled with not more than seven participants, which makes it possible to help you in any exercise, in case you need help in understanding or performing the exercises.


Please note, to take one of our Classes you currently need:


* a negativ antigen or antibody quick test result, not older than 24 hours - or

* a negativ PCR test result, not older than 48 hours - or

* a confirmation about being fully vaccinated or recovered 


Our classes and levels

You can start with any class and at any time. Every class is bookable with a one timer ticket (Einzelticket).

We offer three different levels, which are called Basic - Level I, Mix - Level II und Regular - Level III.

We recommend choosing Level I classes first, to be sure, to get to know the hammock and the movement the best way possible and get an solid fundamental knowledge.

Basic - Level I

The best way to start your practice. We focus on alignment, foundation, placement in the hammock and everything else you need, to build a solid core, long muscles and a well-adjusted body tension. This class does not require any experience. 

Mix - Level II

If you have attended at least 1 class of Basic - Level I, you are ready to give Level II a try. In this class we offer you different levels of the same movement, so that you can choose your own intensity and pace.

Regular - Level III

This class requires a bit practice and knowledge of the hammock - which means: at least 5 classes of Level I or II are a must. We focus on intensive moves, quick changes in placement and a solid core strength.  

Deep Flow

Don't be fooled by the name.

In this class the hammock is hung up very low above the mat. The length of the hammocks makes it possible, to give you an intensive stretch but also challenges your strength and balance.

HIIT Circuit

This is our hight intensity interval training circuit. We use the hammock and other small props for functional exercises and to make you sweat and feel the burn in every muscle.


Personal Training

Please contact us, if you want to start private, in an 1to1 Training with one of our well educated trainers. This is your time, where we focus on your and your needs. Just write us an E-Mail.