Flying Pilates Teacher Trainings

Elevate your training -

effective, intensive and unique.

Flying Pilates is a very unique training form, which provides elongated and strong muscles, toned abs,

healthy body tension and flexibility.


Flying Pilates fuses the best aspects of classical pilates, functional fitness, suspension training

and aerial arts. You will experience a training, which is intensive, effective and pure fun.


Due to the positive effects on posture, alignment and body tension, Flying Pilates is already known in Europe and instructed by well educated trainers in Germany, France, Poland and Israel. 


Flying Pilates elevates your training and gives you the possibility, to offer your clients a brand new

feeling about themselves, provides you with a wide range of new exercises, elevated in the air,

and gives your clients a lightweight feeling after every session

which they won't miss anymore - and surely coming back.


Content Module I - Basic (20 LE)
  Module II - Intermediate (20 LE)

2 days each module                         

  Sat and Sun 10:00 - 18:00h        


4 days (40 LE)
Module I and II combined
  Thu - Sun 9:00 - 17:00h



   each module 

   € 649,- inkl. VAT 



both modules combined

€ 1.298,- inkl. VAT 



Pilates Instructors or longtime experienced Pilates students
  to attend module II, module I is a must




Our trainings are accredited through the German Pilates Association (Deutscher Pilates Verband e.V.)

Our Flying Pilates Teacher Trainings are build to elevate your training onto new heights. 


We will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the movement, the alignment and the placement and handling of the hammock in every exercise.



In module I you will learn the basic exercises and how to instruct your participants safely in every of your class.


Module II provides you with a wide range of additional intermediate exercises, flows and transitions to keep your participants interested and challenge their goals.


Additional, every module is accompanied with an extensive manual, in which every exercises is pictured, explained and listed with the special do's and don'ts.


After attending the whole module, you will get a certification which gives you the permission to teach Flying Pilates and identifies you as an official Flying Pilates Instructor.

Dates and application

Module I - Basic


29./30. October 2020 - Hamburg


Module II - Intermediate

31. October/1. November 2020 - Hamburg 



29. October - 1. November 2020 - Hamburg


Dates for 2021 are being planned.


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